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About printing house

Edytor Printing & Publishing House is an advanced technological printing company. Lower Silesia has become the area of our operations and the realization of many projects. Our modern equipped production and service facility offers the highest quality at very attractive prices. Over the past 10 years, we have made numerous investments that have contributed to significant improvement and streamlining of all the services we offer. The machines and devices we purchased for a total of 16 million PLN have become the hallmark of our company. In 2012, we launched a unique nationwide production line for holographic packaging and labels.

Our company has published approximately 100 titles of books, albums, and artistic publications to this day. We specialize in historical and tourist-sightseeing themes. We will be happy to publish your book. The long-standing experience of our graphic designers, passion for creation, and talent make the new projects, which are part of cardboard packaging, labels, book covers, calendars, and folders, appreciated in Poland and beyond its borders. In 1997, we received an award in the global CorelDraw! competition for packaging illustration. We do not intend to stop there, engaging to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the final result.

Few words about us

Since 1991, the beginning of our operations, we have been gaining experience that allows us to continuously enrich our offer and meet the growing demands of our clients. Our work has found recognition among many recipients, and its high quality has met the approval of even the most demanding customers.

EDYTOR Printing&Publishing House offers comprehensive realization of various publications, starting from text preparation, including foreign language versions, photography, printing, binding, and delivering the finished products to the customer. We guarantee high quality services, provide attractive prices, and ensure short turnaround times. We hope that our offer will be of interest to you.