Manufacturer of three-fold calendars

A solid calendar is an essential attribute of a good organizer. Thanks to it, you can easily plan your next activities, not forgetting about them later. Our offer includes elegant three-fold calendars in various variants. They will be used both in the office and at home. It is a perfect solution for people who value transparency and practical solutions. Our three-fold calendars are distinguished by clear graphics and high print quality. You can find 12-page, classic or panoramic calendars with us. We will also provide small or larger product sizes. This form of the calendar allows you to plan small matters and household chores. In addition, the product has a practical window where we can mark the current day and have an overview of the next two months. On request, we make three-fold calendars according to the client's individual design.


Customized Tripartite Calendars to Meet Your Needs

As a calendar manufacturer, we take great care to ensure that the final product meets the expectations of our clients. We are open to individual projects, sometimes even highly unconventional ones. Every company wants their tripartite calendar to stand out from the competition and hold a prominent place in the office or home of the recipient. That's why we produce models with both classic and completely unique designs. Whether you want to forgo the window or divide the calendar in an unusual way, contact us, and we will adapt the appropriate printing technique for tripartite calendars to your requirements, creating unique promotional products.


Zdjęcie książki wyprodukowanej metodą offsetową
Pracownik kontrolujący pracę maszyny do druku offsetowego
Zdjęcie książki wyprodukowanej metodą offsetową Pracownik kontrolujący pracę maszyny do druku offsetowego


The Advantages of Tripartite Calendars

One of the greatest advantages of tripartite calendars is their precision in organizing time. With just a single glance, you can check which day of the week it is. The segmented division also allows for planning the entire quarter and highlighting important dates (even graphically) in the upcoming weeks. Tripartite calendars continue to be popular in many offices, as employees can quickly and intuitively find a specific date even two months ahead.

As an experienced calendar manufacturer, we know that tripartite calendars are also highly valued in marketing campaigns. Thanks to their ample advertising space, you can aesthetically and elegantly showcase your company's logo or other promotional content related to your brand. For many years, they have been utilized as promotional products, corporate gifts, and commemorative souvenirs. If you aim to effectively promote your products or services, we invite you to contact us to discuss the details of our tripartite calendar offerings.