Cardboard Packaging Production

Zestaw kartonowych pudełek z loga

Edytor Studio, a printing company specialized in cardboard packaging production, guarantees quick and timely delivery of finished products. We manufacture laminated boxes, where the cardboard is covered with attractively printed paper. We are pleased to undertake the production of cardboard packaging with prints or images while maintaining the highest quality. Additionally, we coat the packaging with both matte and glossy varnish, and upon customers' request, we can use specialty effect varnishes. Our cardboard boxes are also well-suited for the food industry as practical packaging for confectionery and bakery products.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of cardboard packaging in Lower Silesia, collaborating with companies from various sectors, including automotive, furniture, clothing, chemical, transportation, and logistics industries. Each order is treated individually, tailoring techniques and product characteristics to the preferences of our customers. We create cardboard packaging tailored to specific dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for the contents.

The process of cardboard packaging production adheres to the highest quality standards, utilizing modern technology. We laminate the material to make the products more durable and resistant to atmospheric conditions. We use high-quality materials, add window foils, and laminate with special films. The production of the packaging takes place on the most modern technological line, using cardboard from reputable suppliers.

We offer single and transport packaging. The former serves directly for sale, focusing on protecting and presenting the product aesthetically. Transport packaging is highly resistant to varying weather conditions.

We are open to special orders and production of cardboard boxes with logos, which serves as an excellent form of advertising, promoting the company and emphasizing its prestige. Our decorative products combine practicality with aesthetics, available with lids, in round shapes, or in large sizes.

Cardboard packaging production is not only a standard activity for us but also a passion that motivates us to ensure the highest quality and aesthetics. We are flexible, open to customer ideas, and provide comprehensive approach to order fulfillment.

We invite you to cooperate with us and submit inquiries, so we can create perfect cardboard boxes that meet all expectations and needs of our customers.