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EDYTOR Printing & Publishing House

‘Edytor’ Printing & Publishing House has been providing printing and publishing services for over 30 years. As a company, we have won many awards and distinctions, and we have earned the loyalty of our diverse and demanding group of clients. We are constantly investing in the development of our company by implementing new technologies, training, innovation and researching the needs of our clients. We are characterized by high quality of services and punctuality. What's more, we offer and advise clients the most optimal services for their needs, both in terms of quantity, price and standard of performance.

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Printing house

Our printing house is a modernly equipped production and service facility. We offer e.g. printing advertising posters, banners, including blacklight, cardboard packaging, labels, including clothing labels. We print paperback and hardcover books, bookbinding and engraving services on a wide range of products. You can order both offset and digital printing from us. Everything depends solely on your specifications and the way the finished product is used. Sometimes it is necessary to use specialized techniques that will protect the banner, stand or poster from damage.


Publishing house

Our publishing house has already published over 100 books, albums and literary publications. Historical and tourist-sightseeing topics are at the forefront here. We invite people interested in publishing a book to cooperate with us. Anybody and any topic is very welcome.

Computer Graphics

We would also like to boast of many years of experience of our graphic designers. Thanks to their talent and passion, unique designs of cardboard packaging, labels, book covers, calendars and folders have been created, our products are appreciated both in Poland and abroad. For example, in 1997 we were honoured with a distiction in the global CorelDraw competition for the packaging illustration.

Grafika komputerowa

Offer of the Edytor Studio printing house

Studio Edytor Printing House offers professional printing services. The activities carried out are comprehensive, and at the very beginning of cooperation we agree on all the details with the client.

Offset and digital printing are popular in our printing house. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of available services. We guarantee attractive prices and full commitment to the preparation of your project. In our printing house, craftsmanship and the printing idea are at the highest level. We use the latest printing components and employ experienced staff. Thanks to the fact that we work with the best, we can provide services of the top quality. We ensure the shortest possible lead times. We offer attractive rebates and discounts for regular customers. We also provide competent printing consultancy in the field of offset and digital printing. Our printing house is not afraid of difficult challenges and complex printing projects. For this reason, we are happy to undertake any unusual orders that require the use of various printing techniques and unusual raw materials. We invite customers from Dzierżoniów, Świdnica and the surrounding area to cooperate with us!

Orders can also be arranged online, depending on their characteristics. Sometimes there is an option to send prepared files by e-mail, and a visit is necessary only when collecting the finished product. If you have any doubts about the details of our offer, please contact us through the data available in the "Contact" tab.

We reach both individual customers and large companies ordering printing in huge quantities. Our printing house is able to deal with a wide variety of orders, from small jobs to those that take many hours. Thanks to this, we can provide comprehensive services and meet the expectations and various needs of our customers.


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