Label Printing

An eye-catching label that creates a brand image, builds consumer trust, and provides essential information is an indispensable element of every product, serving as a kind of business card. We offer comprehensive services in graphic design and high-quality printing on trusted paper from reliable manufacturers. Additional enhancements such as spot varnishing or innovative holographic effects will make your product unique, stand out on the shelf, and, thanks to protection against external factors, ensure its durability.

As a label manufacturer, we are highly flexible. We fulfill orders based on designs provided by the client, but we can also modify them upon request or create appropriate designs ourselves in collaboration with an experienced team of graphic designers.

We produce not only clothing labels but also various other types. If you require a distinctive label that complements your product's design and enhances your brand's prestige, we invite you to get in touch. We encourage cooperation from well-established companies in the market as well as start-up enterprises.

Clothing Labels Printing clothing labels is an essential part of our business. These labels are essential carriers of information, containing details about the product itself (fabric type, place of production, size, style, washing and drying instructions) and the brand. They are made from cardboard with various thicknesses, most commonly in the form of hang tags.

The material we use exhibits high rigidity and suitable printing properties. We offer a wide selection of shapes and sizes through the use of different types of dies. Orders are executed using digital printing technology on modern, certified equipment. The finished labels are provided in rolls or stacked according to the client's needs.

We approach each order individually and use appropriate printing technology to create graphics resistant to premature yellowing or fading. To further enhance the label's aesthetic value, we offer additional refinements according to the client's preferences.


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Manufacturer of Clothing Labels - Your Product's Business Card!

Manufacturers have an obligation to provide customers with information about their products. However, given today's possibilities and technology, it's worth going a step further and creating a label that serves as an original advertising medium, accentuating the brand's prestige. With us, you have the opportunity to present your clothing products in an engaging way.

Our clothing labels are created in various sizes, with ready-made holes for easy attachment to the product. Besides various refinements, we also pay close attention to the color scheme - original, with proper sharpness and resolution proportions. Just like e-commerce packaging, labels can also help differentiate your brand from competitors. Everything matters, from quality design indications to aesthetic qualities that can attract potential customers. A color scheme that invokes positive associations, coherence, good taste, and original design, all within the scope of a seemingly inconspicuous cardboard hang tag, can expand the reach of any company.

We invite you to contact us and explore our offer. If you have any questions, we are at your service.