Roll-Up Banners

For business owners looking to expand their service reach beyond the digital realm, we propose our custom-made roll-up banners that can be utilized during various events, trade shows, or conferences. These banners are self-contained stands consisting of an advertising panel, a strip, and an arm. Additionally, they come equipped with a special carrying bag, ensuring safe and damage-free transportation. That's all there is to it!

Thanks to their simple and compact design, roll-up banners can be easily transported to exhibitions, training sessions, corporate meetings, and other themed events. Furthermore, they only require one person to set them up, unlike large banners. Their significant advantage is the excellent visibility of the displayed information, attracting the attention of potential customers. Just like with printed cardboard boxes displaying a logo, this helps to quickly convey information about the company's offerings.

Roll-up banners are a type of marketing material that undoubtedly enhances a company's prestige. With more space available, you can provide additional information about the company's activities and services. It's also an excellent way to showcase the company logo, which will remain in the memory for a long time.


High-Quality Roll-Up Material

Roll-up banners are well-established information carriers that enjoy consistent popularity among entrepreneurs. However, it's crucial to remember that attractive content and captivating colors won't meet your expectations if placed on low-quality material. Therefore, a solid production process is essential to ensure the banner's durability. Regardless of the product's class and category, we ensure that it won't wear out prematurely. To produce roll-up banners, we use a special banner fabric primarily made of polyester. The material's weight may vary depending on whether the client requests double-sided or single-sided printing. The material prevents light from passing through, ensuring sharpness in the displayed advertisement. Additionally, the roll-up banners are protected against stretching, UV radiation, moisture, and varying temperatures.

Apart from the material used, we also place great emphasis on the high standard of printing. We take care to maintain intense colors and appropriate resolution to ensure effective communication with potential customers.


Various Roll-Up Variants

While categorizing roll-up banners into single-sided and double-sided is important, it's not the only distinction. Depending on our clients' needs, we also offer variants such as:

  • Economical: Featuring a lightweight cassette, suitable for several uses.
  • Standard: Significantly higher quality than the economical option, practical and functional regardless of lighting conditions.
  • Exclusive: Heavier than other models, offering enhanced stability regardless of weather conditions.
  • Premium: The highest standard of finishing, featuring a heavier construction for ultimate durability.