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Digital printing is a common form of printing individual documents. It works well in the case of printing low- and medium-volume materials. The biggest advantage of this method is the possibility of quick implementation and low costs. Digital printing is systematically increasing its share on the market of printing services, and although offset machines - especially those working in LED UV technology - will remain in use for a long time - their competitiveness in relation to digital printing is systematically decreasing. Digital printing gives you the ability to make one piece of print, which is not necessarily possible in the case of offset printing. There is also a chance to print single copies of documents, and their cost will still be as low. As part of our services, we make: printed envelopes, notebooks, business cards, leaflets, letterhead, brochures, catalogues, postcards, folders, vignettes, menus, diplomas, posters, rollups, banners, blacklights and laser engraving. We assure you that digital printing is a guarantee of fast implementation, low costs and the possibility of printing unusual formats and personalization of printouts. We guarantee high quality of products and timely execution of orders. We invite you to place orders!

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Personalized products in digital printing technique

Each order is different, which we are well aware of. For this reason, we are open to creating personalized products according to your design. If you care about your business cards with a non-standard format or leaflets with an unusual finish, you can contact our company. We offer a professional approach and execution of the order using proven machines. Thanks to this, we can achieve clear digital printing with saturated colors, according to your requirements.
Digital printing is a very versatile technique that can be used to create a wide variety of products. However, this is not the only service our company offers. We also create unique three-fold calendars, banners, books or even stamps used in enterprises and institutions of various types. We are open to any type of order, even if it is quite unusual. We work with the use of professional printers and machines that can handle any task. You can ask for details related to digital printing offered by our company by sending an e-mail or using the telephone number provided.


Advantages of digital printing

Digital printing is a highly versatile technique that can be used to create various products. It is not limited to producing stationery items but is increasingly utilized in the production of books and magazines, among others. We also mentioned the quick project turnaround due to the application of this method, which is crucial, especially when tight deadlines are pressing.

Compared to traditional printing machines, digital production requires less preparation time, and the printing process itself is more efficient. Many digital machines can print over a hundred A4 pages per minute. Additionally, finished prints no longer require drying time, allowing for immediate post-processing, such as binding.

It's important to know that the fast production process does not compromise the high standard of execution, which is also a benefit of this solution. Clients receive graphics saturated with vibrant colors, with no details omitted, and accurately reproduced from digital images. It's worth mentioning that in digital printing, any modifications, even sudden and spontaneous ones, are possible at any stage of production. Applying changes is not time-consuming, and it doesn't generate significant costs compared to offset printing.


Digital printing - basics

Digital printing is not a complicated and tedious process. Machines used for this type of printing differ in their construction from standard models and operate based on laser technology, specifically electrophotography. The crucial component in this process is not a matrix but a cylinder coated with a light-sensitive layer, which is electrostatically charged. This cylinder, also known as a photoreceptor, is exposed to a laser beam, resulting in a latent image. The image is then transferred onto the appropriate material (paper, foil) using toner and thermally fused.


Meeting Your needs

Digital printing is not the only service offered by our company. We also specialize in creating unique three-part calendars, banners, books, and even stamps used by various types of businesses and institutions. We are open to any type of project, even if it is quite unconventional. We work with professional printers and machines capable of handling any task. For more details about our digital printing services, you can inquire by sending an email or using the provided phone number.